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All through my 20s, photography played a huge role in my life. I've taken it with me wherever I've gone, over the course of 15 years and 3 different states. My daughter was born in 2020 right here in Las Vegas. I planted my roots and Nevada is home to us! My boyfriend and I met on OK!Cupid (no shame! lol). Turns out he's the most wonderful partner and father to our daughter. 

Family photos are an opportunity to document the charm of your family in the most beautiful light possible. The best results come from a combination of natural light and a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Through all stages of life: maternity, engagement, updated family photos. I want to make sure that your family is captured beautifully and authentically.

I take pride in capturing your family as it is now, but also as it will be forever—the moments that we document can be cherished for generations to come!

I'm Alesha


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Alesha Howell Photography

01 favorite things

04 I'm most proud of

02 i can't live without

05 favorite season

03 next place to travel

06 I'm obsessed with 

sunsets, deep greens, and sunflare

our  beautiful  Vegas Valley 

golden hour

somewhere  romantic

spring, the blooms!

beautiful sunsets

Chasing the sun
connecting families

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